Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Many Ways to Store Dominion

So storing all the expansions for Dominion became quite a problem.  At one point I'd managed to fit all the expansions up through Prosperity into the base box.  However every time I picked it up, I felt like the bottom was going to fall out of it.  Also in the meantime, I'd acquired Hinterlands, Dark Ages and Cornucopia.  So clearly it was time to upgrade.

What I found was this case from Hobby Lobby.  I then used some 3 inch wide balsa wood planks I found at a craft store for the dividers.  Some Elmer's wood glue later, and the planks were in.  I then used some packing tape at the edges to protect the cards a little bit more from the edges.  Call me paranoid.

I made this for about $30

I also got some cardstock to print out the dividers for the cards, which I found on BGG.  There are so many in the files section, you can easily pick the one you like best.  Then came the problem of sleeving Dominion.  First I tried the Fantasy Flight Games euro sized sleeves.  Sadly these proved too thick for the quantity of cards that need to fit in that box.  They were also too long, causing all the cards which used to have so much wiggle room to scrape up against the sides of their confines.  Don't worry, those FFG sleeves have found a good home.

Instead I decided to try the Cataphract sleeves from  They work well so far.  They are thin enough that they don't bloat the cards out, and I was able to order them in bulk.  I was really impressed with the quality of them too.  Not a single defective sleeve among the 2500 I ended up ordering.

Jacob Salmela's design

Other people have tried different approaches.  Jacob Salmela over at Valta Game Case came up with a foam storage solution.  It consumes a bit more space, but the layout is a more spacious and it's easier to find the cards you want.  Having every kingdom card in it's own pocket would do wonders for setup time when you have around 2500 cards to flip through!  Even with dividers, it can still be a chore.

Beth Bernhardt's design

There has also been a recent Kickstarter by Beth Bernhardt for an official licensed Dominion case.  It's a limited print run however, and it sold out very quickly.  It appears to take the same case I found on Hobby Lobby, and uses a laser cut acrylic insert to stand the cards up vertically instead of horizontally.  It's a very slick implementation.

Micheal Hyer's design

Another Kickstarter by Michael Hyer popped up shortly after.  This one also uses laser cut pieces, although the box itself is custom made, and it's constructed entirely of plywood.  This one has the advantage of being an unlimited print run, and is priced comparably.

So there you are.  If you are like me and have purchased all of Dominion's many expansions, you finally have some decent choices about how to store it.  From cheap DIY projects to lavishly produced kickstarter projects.

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  1. the link to the box in the article is bad, however it still can be found under the part number 125005